By creating and developing SQL tables only then can we understand how to best use the memory available.


This article will aim to address the core four steps required when maintaining SQL tables. We are talking about the four operations of; Create, Read, Update, and Delete, commonly referred to as CRUD. With CRUD, we are able to build SQL tables from any information that is currently available in the database or that we have added after the database was initially created.

SQLite was used to complete the analysis performed below. The examples that are being reviewed will look at creating…

As the number of data centres continues to grow, can a climate efficient solution to energy consumption be achieved by going underwater?

As the majority of companies have started to move towards cloud based solutions in the last few years, this has resulted in an increased demand for the data centres that provide these capabilities. Many data centres rely on the core concepts of being close to the users that interact with them to improve the experiences for the users. However, a large opportunity exists to expand the functionality of these data centres to interact with a larger population. What…

Beginning a journey into the Natural Language Processing space

The joy of reading is to discover new insights. Books help us to learn but also to challenge our understanding. With many different genres available, there is no end to the depth of knowledge that can be discovered.

Each of us may have an ever-growing list of recommendations to read. We may also remember the last time we entered a library and struggled to understand where to start. Would an effective method to understand the difficulty of the text help? Time to call on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. Intending to extract value from text, they help to separate…

Reviewing more advanced SQL operations to extract additional data insights from the Irish Weather dataset.

In the previous article, we started to understand the basic SQL operations that can be performed. These operations helped us to gain some initial insights into the dataset. They ensured that we optimised the interpreter to efficiently analyse the data.

This article aims to delve a bit deeper and review more advanced SQL operations.


The distinct operation aims to display the unique values contained within a column. When reviewing a dataset multiple duplicate values can exist. Some columns may contain a few discrete values and these would produce a short list of unique values. Whereas a column with a…

Understanding how the SQL query is constructed by the interpreter, can make a data professional’s life much easier


When working with any dataset you can expect to spend close to 80% of your time discovering and preparing the data. Picking the right tools can increase efficacy and reduce the time required to complete this process. By performing pre-processing steps you can reduce the time taken to deliver reliable data insights. You may be faced with balancing different relationships in the data and this is where SQL can be utilised.

Brief background to SQL

The Structured Query Language (SQL), commonly pronounced “sequel”, in reference to the initial version’s name, was developed during the early 1970s. The language was designed to manage data in…

Creating interactive features on a webpage with the use of ready made tags!


Within this article we are working through one of the sections of the HTML and CSS course provided by The course provides an introductory background to the inner workings of a webpage. When we are able to understand how the finished article was created, it gives us all an appreciation of the work involved to reach that stage.

The challenge reviewed within this post is to learn the inner workings of a sample of HTML tags. …

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